Combining our needs and listening to others like us we have developed the perfect website for you and your customers.


Our passion is to increase trade and tourism in rural areas as well as already established beach and ski destinations.

Our Aim

To see an increase in business opportunities leading to growth of population in rural areas, bringing sleepy villages back to life.


Bulgarians are very welcoming and offering free advertising for Bulgarian Business to show our support

After our first visit to Bulgaria we soon discovered that it was very difficult to find what we needed. Everything you need is never too far away but finding it is a different matter.

Finding Businesses

Very few businesses in rural Bulgaria have websites, arriving in a country we know little about can be a daunting experience and finding something simple like a good hairdresser, furniture, trade person takes time. Villages are very welcoming, I would like to spread the word and increase trade and tourism for rural Bulgaria.


Most tourists flock to the better known cities, ski resorts or the coast but there is so much more to see and do in Bulgaria. Explore the beauty of Bulgaria, spend time relaxing, birdwatching, fishing and extreme sports. There are many ruins and rock-hewn churches where you can lose yourself in ancient times.

Finally, a website for everything Bulgarian in English
I am sure that many of us will try our best to learn the Bulgarian language but this takes time. In the meantime, we suggest that if you are Bulgarian that you use Google Translate to place your listings to showcase your business.
We are not estate agents or associated with any agents and are not selling anything other than opportunity to generate business with free adverting.
Bulgaria is perfect for new start-ups and established businesses, build trust with great reviews